Importer of machinery for all types of metal processing industries, Laser cutting machines, automatic systems, V-Cutting machines, Plasma cutting machines, CNC Router machines, 

                                     Stud machines for large industrial applications. industrial air pump sheet metal cutting machine metal folding machine  All types of CNC and MANUAL systems, multi-purpose robots  Welding machine, 

                                     Fiber Laser Marking machine, automatic welding machine Vacuum sheet suction machine

                                                            PHUWADECH GROUP Company Limited was started in 2004 by operating a business. About importing industrial  products Being a distributor of industrial machinery and after-sales service

                                    With more than 19 years of experience and after-sales service in various types of metal processing industrial machinery, we are able to answer your needs. customer needs Whether it is large industrial work,

                                    SME industry Including providing sheet  metal processing services. Which the Phuwadet Group is ready in every aspect, tools, spare parts, equipment, including a team of engineers and technicians. 

                                    We are confident that the Phuwadet Group is a company that imports metal processing machinery with potential.

                                    For every machine and spare part, we have tested their performance. We have already chosen that What we import and  distribute It will make the products you produce have high quality, modern,

                                   and continuous production lines. Create value efficiently  

                                   We can do it, as our motto says. "We sell when we are ready to serve."

                                Principles of doing business Since its establishment until the present There are 3 important principles.

                                 - To reach customer satisfaction

                                                        - Good products, good service, delivering good work

                                                        - Develop every aspect (machinery, service work, employees)

                                 Vision and Mission


                                          Phuwadet Group Company Limited is committed to being a fully integrated importer of all types of metal processing industrial machinery that customers can choose to use in the production line efficiently.

                                         along with continuous development of machinery


                                         Customer: We are looking for industrial machinery for metal processing. powerful To create maximum satisfaction in  terms of quality, cost, delivery service, and after-sales service.

                                         Employees: Employees in every line of work have passed the study Training in various fields We have developed to  expand the abilities of our employees to create expertise. 

                                         professionalism during work Employees learn without limits.

We are confident that we can be a good company for our customers.